Kelly Cinnamond - kitchen & living space
Joburg's Kelly Cinnamond of Cinnamond Interiors gave us her top tips on interior design this week.

Last week, our #askDECO live Twitter interview put Joburg’s Kelly Cinnamond on the couch for our fortnightly grilling on interior design. As well as tips on the latest trends, Kelly advised us on cracking the interior design industry and her own sources of inspiration.

In case you missed it, here are a few highlights from what Kelly had to tell us…

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1. Copper & Coral

The key colours for interior design this autumn/winter are… copper oranges & corals paired with cool greys or teal to balance the warm tones.


2. Neutral base, trendy accessories

The easiest way to bring the current trends to your home is… to have neutral anchor pieces such as your couch & walls and only change up your accessories. Scatter cushions, rugs, objects and curtains can be changed with each new trend or when you’re bored with the look.


3. Warm walls

Bring warmth into your home décor this winter with… rich, deep colour walls – they can change a space instantly. If you’re on a budget, change your curtains and accessories to a rich warm colour like the copper oranges that are really on trend.


4. Start with the living room

If you want to give your whole home a makeover, start with… the living room. It’s the focus space of any home and it will set the mood & style for redoing the rest of the house. I love open plan living spaces nothing better for entertaining and styling. And if you have a big spare bedroom the best way to use the extra space is to add a reading nook and beautiful bookshelf to your current spare bedroom, giving you a small space to escape and relax.

Cinnamond Interiors living room


5. Mood lighting

The best way to brighten up small rooms with little natural light is… mood lighting! It’s key. Also painting the walls light colours that reflect the light not absorb it. Anchor room pieces should be in light, neutral colours and throw a dramatic pop of your favourite colour into your accessories.


6. Getting started: just do it!

My advice for aspiring interior designers is… start as soon as you can. Cinnamond Interiors is a year old. Starting out on my own was something I’d always wanted to do – it was the right time for a new challenge and pushed me out of my creative comfort zone. There is never a right time; if it’s something you really want, do your research and get going.


7.  Pinterest + coffee = success

My inspiration for client projects comes from… hours of Pinterest and bottomless coffee! I’m constantly looking for the latest trends and new products for each new project. It’s a must for all creatives. Pinterest is a big resource for me. Always have the latest design magazines on hand; they have endless ideas. Not to mention following them and your favourite designers on social media.

#DECOselfie for Elle Decoration - have you shared yours?

Always have the latest design magazines on hand; they have endless ideas. Not to mention following them and your favourite designers on social media.


8. Photograph your inspiration

The best idea I ever had was… taking photos of a corporate’s stained glass windows and having them turned into canvas artworks for their new office space.


9. Invest in Lionel Smit

My favourite artist for upscaling home décor is… Lionel Smit, my favourite artist at the moment. One of his works will be a bold statement in any space.


10. Start following @busofdesign

My #DECOguru is… without a doubt the Business of Design team. Their October conference was the most inspiring event I’ve attended. What a brilliant idea! For a local product designer currently on my radar, as I’m busy with a funky corporate proposal at the moment it would have to be Dokter and Misses.


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