For its 2018 pavilion at Decorex Cape Town, 100% Design South Africa will bring 20 leading local handmade ceramics to the fore with a striking exhibition concept, 100% Clay, curated by Cathy O’Clery of Platform Creative Agency. Ceramicists such as Clementina van der Walt and rising stars Vorster & Braye will be among the 20 artists whose work will be on show at 100% Clay, the theme of this year’s 100% Design South Africa pavilion at Decorex Cape Town (27 April to 1 May).

All the participating ceramicists will present only one bowl, one jug, one cup and one plate. The idea is to allow visitors to delight in varying aesthetic styles while appreciating the versatility of this earthy medium and how age-old techniques can be used to such contemporary effect.

Each was commissioned to present a bowl, jug, cup and a plate, which will be curated by Cathy O’Clery of Platform Creative Agency. ‘I’ve chosen everyday objects so that visitors can engage with the endless possibilities of what working with clay can achieve,’ she says.

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