If you’ve always dreamed of working at ELLE Decoration, now’s your chance. ELLE DECO is offering a paid six-month internship in the editorial department from 1 December at our head office in Cape Town. You’ll need to send your CV along with a motivation (no more than 250 words) to the department by no later than Thursday 28 October.

Email: Maryke Olivier maryke@elledecomag.co.za

Please note: the internship programme is only open to graduates who are not already employed, are under the age of 30 and are South African citizens. Please note that this is programme is only open to BEE candidates.


  1. Racial profiling at its best. Limiting your selection of interns to BEE candidates? Well done Elle Deco, for not being forward thinking and sticking to rules that in some instances kill talent.

    • Hi Susan. Thanks for your comment. We don’t see BEE policies as killing talent at all. Not only can they help us find talented people who may not otherwise have an entre into the industry, they can also motivate the most talented among us to work even harder to stand out.