Airbnb Inspires Us To Truly ‘Live There’

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Why do we travel? The experience of  new places, smells and people are what we at DECO are looking for in our next adventure. We want to be taken out of our usual world and into a whole new experience…Airbnb has done just that.

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Crowds and standardised tourist offerings leave us not only with cookie-cutter travel experiences, but a disappointing “break” from our usual day-to-day lives. Airbnb recently launched their updated app and it’s here to guide you ahead of the crowds when planning your next globetrotting excursion.

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Personalised features allow for an understanding of your preferences by matching homes, neighbourhoods and specific needs to the traveller. Unlocking local insights and allowing the feeling of actually living there, the app will give your next holiday that stress-free edge.

The newly updated app goes hand-in-hand with their biggest campaign to date, ‘Live There’, a response to many travellers’ growing disappointment with uninspired travel experiences that seem so common these days in modern tourism.

“Don’t just go there. Truly live there”

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Airbnb has provided more than 2 million homes in over 691 neighbourhoods all around the globe. Whether it be a castle for a night or an apartment for a week, the app provides guidebooks including the best restaurants and bars, attractions and hidden gems in your chosen area.

We just love that we can leave the holiday worries behind and let Airbnb be our passport to local culture and unique experiences we have been longing for!

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