Ceramic Food Bowls | Dog Bed | Benji + Moon
Ceramic Food Bowls | Dog Bed | Benji + Moon

Now this is something all animal-lovers can get excited about! Benji + Moon create locally handcrafted, artisanal products for your pampered pets. What makes them special? Well, for a start, you can say goodbye to the cheesy prints and boring styles of yesteryear and say hello to contemporary elements fit for your curated home.

Benji + Moon couldn’t have arrived sooner. Our pets are our (often most prized) family members but their bedding, toys and products aren’t necessarily objet we’d show off in our homes. This newly launched, locally produced range changes all of that, with dog beds, cat caves and playthings that you’d be proud to have alongside the sofa.

Cat Shelves | Dog Bed | Benji + Moon
Cat Shelves | Dog Bed | Benji + Moon


Working with talented local artisans, founders Karen Carr and Hanneke Schutte have created a handmade artisanal range for your fluffy family. Both of these talented ladies, Carr an advertising executive and Schutte a filmmaker and blogger, noticed a distinct lack of pet products with quality design.

We’re both crazy dog and cat ladies and we own six dogs and a cat between the two of us! Our pets are part of our families and we noticed that most pet products out there are badly designed or covered in brightly coloured paw print textiles. Whenever we have guests over we always end up hiding our unsightly dog beds and cat dens.

Hand-felted Cat Den, Crocheted Toys, Ceramic Food Bowls | Benji + Moon
Hand-felted Cat Den, Crocheted Toys, Ceramic Food Bowls | Benji + Moon

To answer this design need, their newly launched range aims to complement your home aesthetic rather than being an eyesore. With equal passions for local design, it was fundamental that they collaborate with local artisans and craftspeople, creating jobs and empowering their new work team, as well as working with prominent local artists, like Ronel Jordaan.

We’re hoping that these artisans, some of whom we met on the side of the road, will be able to create sustainable businesses as a result of our collaboration.


Available in the collection is an extensive range of handmade products, including hand-felted dog and cat beds, cat pods and climbing shelves, natural leather and cotton leashes and collars, ceramic food bowls, handwoven and crocheted toys, and 100% natural shampoo bars.

Ceramic Food Bowls | Leather and Cotton Leashes and Collars
Ceramic Food Bowls | Leather and Cotton Leashes and Collars | Benji + Moon

It’s a collection of products for people who love their pets to the moon and back.

Not to be left out, it also features animal-inspired items for you like belt bags to carry pet treats while out for ‘walkies’.


Visit them at benjiandmoon.co.za

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