Sunday Brunch
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Is there anything more civilised than a Sunday brunch? We think not. And when you consider how hard chefs work during the work, it’s only natural that a lot of restaurants are closed on Sundays, so it can be difficult to find somewhere to enjoy a cheeky Bloody Mary and Eggs Benedict. However, there are a few places open for a Sunday brunch and these are our favourites.

Cape Town

The Pot Luck Club

The Sunday brunch at The Pot Luck Club is nothing short of extravagant, but you’re worth it. For R450 per person, you can enjoy a set menu featuring all the highlights of their full menu. They also have a bottomless bubbly option for an extra R200. Get a group together and book a table for a long, lazy brunch with endless views of Cape Town.

Mulberry and Prince

Anywhere that encourages lazy brunches is place we want to be – especially on a Sunday. Mulberry and Prince has extended their new-American cool cuisine to breakfast food and we couldn’t be happier. Expect Bloody Marys, buttermilk pancake stacks and their –pièce de résistance – fried chicken and waffles.

Sunday Brunch
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Kleinsky’s is good anytime of the week, but there’s something about a Sunday prom walk that makes their Latke Benedict taste so much better. Expert tip: take a slice of their cheesecake home with you to counteract those Carte Blanche blues.

Sunday Brunch
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Another great perennial restaurant, but their burgers and Bloody Marys have medicinal qualities when you’re trying to shake off the remnants of the night before.

Sunday Brunch


Voodoo Lily Cafe

The only downside to Voodoo Lily Cafe being open for Sunday brunch is that everything on their menu is delicious, so you’re going to have a tough time deciding what to order. Our advice? The Shakshuka is always outstanding.

Salvation Cafe

There is no shortage of great places to eat on Stanley Ave, but Salvation Cafe is one of the best. We love everything on their menu, but we especially love that you can add a little something savoury (ie. bacon) to your pancakes.

Creamy basil mushrooms on toast with a soft! poached egg

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Parc Cafe

In the heart of lovely Glenwood, you can always bank on a great experience at Parc. Head down to this family-run spot for a quiet Sunday brunch and make sure you order the French cinnamon loaf.

Antique Cafe

Antique Cafe is like that home away from home and their food will remind of mom’s cooking. Where better to enjoy a quiet Sunday brunch than in a heritage building?
Sunday Brunch

The Glenwood Bakery

The Glenwood Bakery is a dream anytime of the week, but there’s just special something about freshly baked bread on a Sunday. They also open super early, so you can pop past there post-run and pick up freshly baked treats or sit down and enjoy an indulgent breakfast.

Source: The Glenwood Bakery