Last week, we featured photographer Clinton Friedman’s forested Durban home/studio. This week, we’re excited to introduce his new range of scatter cushions, available exclusively at Weylandts.

Featuring his distinctive botanical prints, the cushions are made of 100 percent cotton and come in a choice of white, natural or seed cloth. Plus, look out for an even bigger range of home-ware coming soon – including tablecloths, deck chairs, stationery, umbrellas, aprons and lampshades, as well as a full range of wallpapers. If they’re anything like his cushions, we can’t wait to see them.

For our readers, we’ve got one Clinton Friedman scatter cushion up for grabs! Entering is easy – simply tell us in the comment section below which is your favourite cushion design and why.

Update: This competition is now closed. Well done to Katrin Coetzer for winning a free Clinton Friedman cushion!


  1. I love the Clinton 2-2 pillows, I look at the design of the leaves and all my senses come to life, I can see the very soul of the leaves in the print through the contrast of the brown on white! Just love it!

  2. I love the yellow orchid at the top. It’s a burst of rich wild beauty from a shadowy dark centre, it’s both intricate and bold. And I just love the colour!

  3. I like the way Clinton Friedman’s designs are simplistic yet decorative and striking, the plain background with the focal point really works! I especially like the way he has done the protea design on the cushion as it portrays the beauty of our national flower the protea. I do believe these cushion sare going to be very popular amongst south africans as they portray and symbolise the south african natural environmment and the elements within it. Job well done!

  4. I like the one in the lower right corner the most – the design is subtle, and yet it stands out… also the color is lovely, old-school powder pinkish… lovely ♥

  5. CLINTON2-1
    Love floral patterns because they bring a soft feminine touch to a home, and the colours will brighten the home any season of the year 🙂

  6. I LOVE the images of the succulents / Aloes because they are so iconic and South African. My favourite being the black and white striped aloe ( top right) because it’s such a stark contrast between the hard, rugged environment in which it exists being on the cushion “canvas” and the white background. It almost doesn’t look real because of the colours and I rather like a bit of juxtaposition, it’s art and decor in one. My home decor theme is a bit rugged-comfy with splashes or South African themed things, my colour scheme is natural beiges, light pinks and green tones with stark black and white (stripes and patterns) juxtapositions of black and white and that cushion would go perfectly. Amazing work by Clinton Friedman, I’m a photographer myself and his work is inspirational.

  7. The black cushion with the beetle in reverse is my favourite cushion because I love black and white and think this is just the perfect way to introduce a bit of nature into a modern pad. It’s also the literal balck sheep of the group which makes me love it even more 😉

  8. The emerald beetles are glorious jewels… Surprising and exotic. Wouldn’t it be fun to have them perched on my pillows… bed bugs!

  9. the aloes and proteas just shout “HOME”. In their simplicity lies their splendour and the reminder that we live an a country with it’s very own brand of beauty.

  10. my favorite is…. jeez can’t decide, I like all of them…. umm, ok if I had to chose just 1, it would be….the artichoke one!!
    they are all beautiful 🙂

  11. My favourite is the dung beetle scatter cushion with a black background, it reminds me of my childwood,I was always facsinated by them & to also learn that its’s such a useful bug,well i must say its never been made to look so beautiful!

  12. I love the orchid ones – it’s the only way I can have orchids that actually survive in my house! I’ve somehow managed to kill 12 real ones…

  13. Dear Elle Deco
    Third row from the top, far right is my firm favourite because that plant species, Boophone distichia is called a Perdeskop(!) in Afrikaans 🙂 My mother had one on the stoep of the house I grew up in and I’m feeling particularly nostalgic today.

  14. Wowee! Simple, fresh and interesting with a delicious South African flavour. The treetops steal my ♥.

  15. These are really all so beautiful. But, I really love the third pillow in the second to last row. The tropical feel of it reminds me of time spent in the Dominican Republic.

  16. My favourite has to be the giraffe one. It stands out from the rest and I dig the way the image is not perfectly centered in the crop.

  17. Love love Clinton Friedman! I posted on my blog about these pillows the last time they were featured on ELLE 🙂 My favourites then and now are the succulant prints (esp. the first one in the 3rd row) I’m currently decorating a new apartment now, and still trying to decide on fun accents – thanks for reminding me about these!!

  18. Its so hard to choose…. but i am going with the yellow and green leaves. Simple, graphic, but textural, i can already see it on my couch, but will have to go out and buy some more!

  19. Gorgeous!
    The images used to print on the cushions are absolutely exquisite! If I don’t win this, I’m definitely paying Weylandts a visit.

  20. Am loving the Gemsbok horns one, it comes out very nice on the white fabric you would swear that the is no fabric at all only horns. i love it

    PS: i would name the entire range SA National Geographic….

  21. To pick one is an impossibility, for me that is! I love all of them! But if I was forced to choose one, it would have to be the ……………. no, still can’t choose one. I want them all.They would fit into our home perfectly, with our house built into and above the trees, the succulent gardens below…..

  22. According to research done by NASA, it is official that plants are good for you! Don’t underestimate the importance of plants to our health and well-being! The cushions with the the truly most admired aloes, remind me of a truly local plant and design, but with a global perspective! Mother Nature is the best medicine for your soul! Frolic in the full foliage and relaxing next to these cushion, will be one of the best natural tranquilisers.

  23. I really love the tree silouhettes, they are so graphic even without the use of colour. They also manage to have a South African feel without being obviously South African…But all these are gorgeous…made it really hard to choose just the one 🙂

  24. These cushions are so stunning, makes it hard to choose just one. I love the aloe Clinton2-2. Perfect for our West Coast home.

  25. They all so stunning, I really love the black cushion with the white beetle. Love the harsh contrast and really stands out! Gorgeous.

  26. The pink protea in the top line. I moved to JHB this year, which has made me extremely proudly South African. It is a truly diverse, creative and inspiring city – I miss my fathers garden though, this cushion reminds me of it; this cushion reminds me of home.

  27. Love the one on the lower right corner – the dried leaves with visible leaves veins. The designs are beautiful – definitely going to visit Weylandts!

  28. 11th from the top. The tree silhouettes remind me of a similiar photograph I took during my school holidays on a farm in Graaff-Reinette. It felt so magical!

  29. The designs all have strength and SA character. I choose Clinton2-2. The Aloe is a distinctive indigenous plant with a great African feel.

  30. The protea and aloes leave me quite nostalgic. It reminds me of the beautiful scenery on the farm where I grew up in Baardskeerdersbos, Western Cape