Cool Capita Biennale | Elle Decoration South AfricaCool Capita Biennale | Elle Decoration South Africa Somewhere along the line, while no-one was looking, Pretoria became the coolest place to be. To celebrate the creative and cultural wealth that the capital city has to offer, Cool Capital is organizing a two-month long biennale in the capital city from 29 August to 16 November 2014.

A biennale usually runs every two years and invites artists to celebrate art, design and architecture. The Cool Capital Biennale however, does not invite only selected artists and designers to exhibit, but rather encourages all the citizens of the capital city to creatively re-imagine their city and to rediscover the treasures it has to offer. This truly makes Cool Capital the first ever uncurated, DIY guerilla biennale. Celebrating art, design, culture and people, creativity has never been this democratic. 

Cool Capital Pretoria | Elle Decoration South Africa
Bus Tours offer a great way to see and experience our city, to hear its untold stories and to enjoy the sights of the CBD without worrying about traffic and parking. A great combination of the old and the new. Feel like a tourist in our Capital. The tours will focus on the architecture and history of the city with professional guides.

Cool Capital Pretoria | Elle Decoration South Africa

Look out for civic art and architecture installations throughout the city, music and film festivals in interesting spaces in the city, and tours to buildings and places that you have never seen before. No biennale would be complete without a party, and the Cool Capital Biennale has three: A giant opening festival on 29 August 2014 hosted by the Open Window School of Visual Communication, an inner- city party hosted by Capital Collective in association with Barefoot Contessa and Hello Ambassador on 18 October, and a birthday picnic for the city celebrating its 159th birthday on 16 November 2014.

Cool Capital Pretoria | Elle Decoration South Africa
Architectural pavilions are small, temporary and experimental installations that celebrate design and create photographic opportunities. Various architectural firms have designed pavilions and these will be scattered throughout the city

Cool Capita Biennale | Elle Decoration South Africa Cool Capital Pretoria | Elle Decoration South Africa


Cool Capital | Elle Decoration South Africa
Civic art and sculpture forms a major part of the biennale, and public benches will be erected in and around the city in order to celebrate our sculptural heritage and future

Cool Capital Pretoria | Elle Decoration South Africa  Cool Capital Pretoria | Elle Decoration South Africa Apart from the events organized by Cool Capital, there are also a wealth of smaller citizen-led projects, run by independent communities and groups. These projects are mostly featured on our social media sites- Facebook and Twitter as well as on our website Look out markets, public installations and creative workshops and for monthly philosophy evenings at Café Riche.

For more information visit their website or send an email to

Cool Capital Pretoria | Elle Decoration South Africa


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