Dulux have unveiled Copper Orange as the Colour of the Year for 2015 as part of the annual ColourFuturesTM international colour trends collection.

ColourFutures™ Copper Orange_Colour of the Year 2015_(01) ColourFutures™ Copper Orange_Colour of the Year 2015_(03)

Copper Orange reflects and complements all of the major trends identified for 2015: a warmth in attitude and a renewed emphasis on sharing; the natural palette of the earth, from clay tones to sunlit highlights of yellow; the skin tones that reflect human interaction and the sepia hues of the past. Replacing the cool blues and greens of yesteryear, a warmer spectrum of pinks, reds and oranges is emerging, reflecting a more positive global outlook.

Great on its own, the colour also combines perfectly with pinks, neutrals, whites and other orange hues, as well as metallic colours such as gold. This is a colour of depth and currency that combines wonderfully with the everyday.

In addition to the colour of the year, ColourFuturesTM 2015 also identifies five broad colour design trends and presents palettes of complementary colours that can be used to create these trends in the places where we live, work and play. These five trends include:

Putting things in perspective: Wrapped up in a modern world that is often rigid and constraining, we long for a simpler way that is natural, free and – crucially – offline. The idea of a more authentic and mindful existence is inspiring a new minimalism, stripping away all that is unnecessary and purely cosmetic. This is the new definition of freedom captured by the big nature + small me trend colour palette captures with the sun-scorched feel of the Arizona desert; vast and intimidating yet strikingly beautiful. Rich earth tones of sepia, ochre, sienna and baked clay create a tonal palette which is natural and strong, much like the environment that inspires it.

ColourFutures™ Copper Orange_Colour of the Year 2015_(07)

Storytelling by design: We live increasingly multi-dimensional lives, with added depths revealing themselves the more we look and explore ourselves and our environment. The digital landscape adds further layers to the world around us, not simply in terms of space but also time. This layer + layer colour trend palette is translated into the subtle use of clusters or groups of colour, rather than a single shade used in isolation. The combination of various colours is key here, in predominantly soft and pastel hues augmented by the copper orange tones of the Colour of the Year; while the use of fading, overlaying and opaque materials adds to the sense of depth.

The luxury of the in-between: With space increasingly at a premium in our modern lives, we are learning to value and make use of previously neglected, unseen or unloved areas of our environment. We are making a virtue out of negative space and creating beauty and use where previously there was none. The sophisticated collection of colours captured in the + unseen spaces trend palette takes three different directions in hue; blue grey, khaki and neutral pink to define new space and add dimension where there is none. With four tones of each to choose from, plus white, different strengths of the same hue can be combined for a tonal effect or different hues across a single strength for a more varied but harmonized look.

Celebrating the beauty of being different: As we seek and attain greater gender equality both in the workplace and at home, so we are learning to celebrate our uniqueness. Confident in our own skin, there is a growing trend towards celebrating the best of each sex; in the importance of difference as well as equality. The him + her colour trend palette for those who are proud to be themselves – and want stylish surroundings to match. This palette is imbued with traditional feminine hues of damson, powder pink and cream and masculine khaki, slate grey and teal which complement each other wonderfully when used together. Colour combinations here should be simple and tone-on-tone, embracing the atmospheric quality of a single colour or the perfect partnership of similar shades.

ColourFutures™ Copper Orange_Colour of the Year 2015_(05)

A new social economy: One of the most significant social trends of recent years has been our rethinking and redefining of the concept of ownership. Inspired by the increasing influence the digital world has over our lives and the social media revolution, a new, collaborative economy of friendly barter has established itself. This same sense of new combinations and an eclectic approach to problem solving is reflected in the warm colours captured in the friendly barter + trend colour palette which are often used in unpredictable ways. Think berry-toned pinks and reds to add softness when used in conjunction with lime and orange or to ochre, rich brown and warm grey to create an added richness. Here large blocks of harmonizing colour can be utilized to surprising effect: using colour combinations themselves instead of patterns to add more power to the overall design.

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For more information about ColourFuturesTM, please visit www.colourfutures.com.