A colour pixel artwork in the main meeting room titled 'Tequila Sunrise' by artist Matty Roodt

Before we back up, pack up and head for the hills to enjoy the Easter slow down, let’s take a look around one last office – the workspace of communications agency Cow Africa in Cape Town.

The doorbell beckons visitors in with a ‘moo’. It’s one of many charming surprises that adds up to a space with a modern heartbeat and a ready smile.

Cow MD Donald Swanepoel talks about the interior concept.

“We commissioned architect Jan Douglas from Boukuns to design the Cow office space. The aim was to create an open plan space in keeping with Cow’s ‘we’re not sheep’ ethos. The space is still a work in progress. Once completed it will comprise of five individually designed structures/pavilions that slot into the bigger space,” says Donald. “Cow has always collaborated with amazing people. For us, it’s very much about finding the right people to execute the idea. Currently we have three Boukuns projects in production and we are also constantly working with other exceptionally talented illustrators, code designers, industrial designers, artists, creators, builders and makers.”

Main Boardroom & Amenities

This space is defined by a black stained wood panel wall that sections off a reception area, kitchen, main boardroom and bathrooms. The boardroom has five pivot doors that open onto the main space. Door handles and table tops are finished with brass cladding. The meeting space houses a custom-designed 20-seater beechwood table (by Jan Douglas of Boukuns) with Jens Risom replica side chairs to match. An artwork that spans the entire wall is titled ‘Tequila Sunrise’ by local artist Matty Roodt. This colour gradient art wall provides an energising blast of colour that pops vibrantly against restraint of the monochromatic canvas.

Studio Desk Space

Sticking with the Cow identity, a monochromatic colour palette was used in the main workspace as well, including floors, walls, blinds, cupboards and ceilings. The individual desks have a wooden frame with powder-coated steel brackets and charcoal linoleum flooring used as tops. Desk lighting is provided with utilitarian brass discs suspended from the ceiling with red cabling.

The Chicken Coop

Below: the latest addition to the Cow space is the Chicken Coop. Still in production, this loose timber box is the first thing you see as as you enter Cow’s offices. Completely self-contained within the large warehouse style space, its front creates a waiting area for visitors. The timber structure is finished with wooden shingles that will be stained red.

Future plans also include the building of ‘The Wagon’, a compact photographic studio and R&D workshop for developing tech projects, as well as a lunch area.



All images courtesy of Cow Africa