[FEATURED] While in the past, many didn’t think they could make a statement in their home using tiles alone, but thanks to Douglas Jones’ range of unique, high-quality offerings, the design possibilities are endless

With an endless array of bespoke design possibilities at your fingertips, tiles are a great way to make your bathrooms, kitchens, and any other room pop. Douglas Jones, leaders in the ceramic tile industry in South Africa, provide mosaic, decor and tile accent pieces to help you do just that.

See the image gallery below and be inspired to recreate the same magic in your home.


Douglas Jones Pure Gold Glass Element: R10,50 per piece, ex VAT
Douglas Jones Black Glass Crystal: R72 per sheet, ex VAT

Find Douglas Jones online:

Website: douglasjones.co.za
Facebook: @Douglas Jones Mosaics
Twitter: @DouglasJonesMos