As winter approaches and the sun rises later and later each morning, it seems increasingly difficult to leave ones warm duvet and head off to work. Enter The Barisieur – a stylish alarm clock coffee brewer all-in-one, which just bleeped on DECO’s radar, and is due to be launched this year.

Designed by Joshua Renouf of the United Kingdom for his final year product design, this sleek piece of machinery wakes you up with an automatic cup of fresh coffee.

The Bairsieur


The evening ritual is setting up the compartmentalised coffee, sugar and milk. In the morning, the gentle movement of stainless steel ball-bearings boil the water through induction heating. There are settings for the coffee to brew 5 – 30 minutes before or after the alarm goes off. The more we hear about it, the more The Barisieur is sounding like a necessity item as opposed to a luxury item. DECO can’t wait for The Barisieur to launch, and hope they ship down South – we’re ready and waiting! Until that time, the best local coffee spots will have to tide us over and into the colder days. Here’s a few that serve up the best cup o’joe nationwide:



Deluxe Coffeeworks

Bean There

Molten Toffee @moltentoffee


Priest Espresso Bar

Father Coffee

Motherland Coffee


Bellevue Café

Savior Brand Coffee co.

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