DECO Investigates: Home Maintenance

When last did you do a quick inspection of your home? DECO investigates some simple rules for maintaining your home before the unthinkable happens. Mishaps like roof damage can cost an arm and a leg, so be sure to go through our checklist below to ensure your home maintenance is in perfect running order.

Watch out for trees that are situated close to any of your water pipes as their roots could be causing damage.


What to look out for:

Check for any areas where paint appears to be peeling off walls or where there is residue development on bathroom walls (this may be a sign of greater ventilation problems). Roofs are often affected by leakage and over time will damage significantly. Be sure to check your gutters as well, especially in winter. Spillages from rainstorms may lead to pooling around your home’s foundations.

Take action:

Check and clean gutters regularly. If there is pooling around your home’s foundations rethink the positioning of the down-sprouts. For walls and roofs, early identification is key. Repairing during the early stages of onset could prevent greater expenses down the line, like having your whole roof replaced.

Implementing simple checks for maintaining your house may seem tedious, but they could lead to some real savings – you’re sure to thank us later.


What to look out for:

Draughts, loose or cracked areas, water stains and damaged caulk. When windows are no longer functioning properly it is usually due to damaged caulk.

Take action:

This can be relatively easily remedied by replacing damaged caulk and reapplying silicone or acrylic caulk.


What to look out for:

Odour when not in use, smoking fireplace, white, yellow or brown powder inside fireplace, and smoky walls. These indicate the build-up of creosote crumbling masonry and powder residue, which might be associated with moisture problems.

Take action:

Regular chimney sweeps are key and, should there be any moisture problems, masonry repairs may be required. Carbon monoxide detectors and chimney caps may also be worth investing in.


What to look out for:

Leaking faucets – water pooling around faucet handles, running toilets, inappropriate electronic wiring, and stains on ceiling and walls. To identify these problems you can drape toilet paper around faucets and pipes, checking for wet spots after a while.

Take action:

Should there be an obvious problem, tighten pipe connections, replace faulty pipes and reapply caulking where necessary. Be aware that underfloor water is expensive to address, especially if it’s not identified early on. These issues can devalue your home so do your checks.

These are great ways to prevent serious damage to our homes, but there is still a lot that is out of our control. If your home is not insured, DECO recommends crossing that off your checklist. Getting an online insurance quote with Dialdirect is the first step. It may not be as directly relevant to the maintenance of your home, but it certainly is relevant to ensuring that all goods within your four walls are safe and secure.

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