DECO loves: a made-with-love bridal shower

The season of love is about to hit. So if you’re doing a wedding or a bridal shower, do you have to flatten your financial reserves on a party? We think not.

Take a look at fashion-decor enthusiast Lydia Meintjes’ bridal shower, done for the price of about what a bride might spend on a pair of shoes or a couple of bottles of champagne. How? By spraying chutney bottles, using eggs and egg boxes as foliage holders and getting crafty with craft paper.

When you look at the shots, it’s obvious this is the work of a well-practiced aesthete. Lydia is South Africa’s top Pinterest pinner, and the sister of eminent wedding photographer Christine Meintjes from The Pretty Blog, who was responsible for all this prettiness. What a team.

Photos: Catherine Mac

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