Nic Bladen, acclaimed South African sculptor, jeweller and regular on the pages of DECO, is one to look out for at this year’s Design Indaba. Known for his intricate depictions of flowers, seedpods, leaves and entire plants, Nic’s background in dental technology, fused with a knowledge of bronze casting, has enabled him to create a new way of preserving/fossilizing plants and flowers with unmatched delicacy and detail. The method he uses, known as ‘lost wax casting’, involves creating molds from actual organic material, and then transforming them into once-off pieces of jewellery or sculptures of entire plants, from root-tip to flowers.

Nic believes his plant castings have a documentative value, in addition to being beautiful pieces of art. Living in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom, the smallest and richest floral kingdom in the world, Nic is uniquely positioned in efforts to draw attention to the plight of red data species.

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