There’s nothing like a bit of sea lettuce to complete a meal, right? DECO wasn’t convinced, so investigated a spectacular foraged cuisine and cocktail pairing party, with the most interesting spread of ingredients and gin. Our official recommendation: Do yourself a f(l)avour and book a spot today! 

Hailing from the Scottish island Islay, the handcrafted Botanist Dry Gin was the foundation of the events inspiration. In collaboration with Roushana Grey from the Good Hope Gardens NurseryThe Gin Bar and Honest Chocolate the evening overflowed with gin and foraged surprises. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend one of these special events.

Elle Decoration SA

Edible flower and seaweed salad with a Fynbos honey dressing / cocktail: African Lady

Elle Decoration SA

The Gin : The Botanist

The Botanist is a hand-crafted dry gin originating from the Scottish island of Islay. This gin is as unique as it’s origin, with the remote island’s heart and soul present in its rare flavouring. The trick, we reckon, is the combination of 22 hand-foraged island botanicals, 9 berries, barks, seeds and peels all distilled simmered together.

The 22 hand-foraged island botanicals: Apple Mint / Chamomile / Creeping Thistle / Downy Birch / Elder / Gorse Flower / Hawthorn Flower / Heather Flower / Juniper / Lady’s Bedstraw / Lemon Balm / Meadow Sweet / Mugwort / Red Clover / Spear Mint / Sweet Cicely / Sweet Gale / Tansy / Water Mint / White Clover / Wild Thyme / Wood Sage

The evenings cocktails were developed by Raphael Cristini and brand ambassador of  The Botanist Remy Cointreau, in collaboration with The Gin Bar mixologists Kenan and Peter.

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Goats cheese, roasted wild garlic, grapes, rye and wild mint dust / cocktail: Pelargonium Smash
Oyster, nasturtiums and sea lettuce gin and tonic foam / cocktail: Atlantic Martini 


Foraged Botanist & Num Num Sorbet as a palate cleanser

The Food: Roushana Grey from the Good Hope Gardens Nursery

Roushana Grey definitely has a way with food, this indigenous edibles expert is making contemporary cuisine in the most primitive way. Foraging ingredients from the mountain and ocean, her meals are as beautiful as it is delicious. A truly unique experience, Roushana will have you eating and enjoying new tastes and textures sure to surprise you.

For updates on courses, pop-ups and events follow Good Hope Gardens Nursery on Facebook, Instagram or visit their website at

Elle Decoration SA

Seared line fish and wild fennel mayo served with beetroot, kale and samphire / cocktail: Foraged Corpse

Elle Decoration SA

Honest Choclate truffle, lemon pelargonium ice cream with chocolate sauce / cocktail: Mount Gay Cooconut Dream 

For more information visit: 

The Botanist & The Gin Bar & Good Hope Gardens Nursery

Want to have an event at the Gin Bar? Contact Jolize Pienaar at

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