Dress up, dress your home, and dress your desktop. Our latest issue, the Fashion Issue91, is a celebration of glamour; of dressing up, looking to the catwalk for inspiration in the home, and vice versa.We show you how top South African designers ‘dress’ their homes, as well as, amongst many other things,  how to create clutter-free storage and display solutions for your home.

There is no reason why anyone should have a drab  and messy desktop, so we asked designer and illustrator Jenna Skead to custom design desktop wallpapers for your computer, phone and iPad.They are very beautiful, and are great motivation to keep your desktop tidy; keep all those files neatly stored so you can show off your new wallpaper.


Based in Cape Town, Jenna’s work favours an eclectic mix of line, pattern and mixed media. She uses playful elements, placing objects in spontaneous and intuitive ways to delightful effect. With an almost sophisticated childishness, Jenna’s desktop wallpapers promise to cheer you up everytime you power up.
To download these wallpapers and others for free,  click here.



Jenna Skead






  1. ELLE Deco Magazine is not just another lifestyle magazine
    wrapped in hype , glamour and fashion trends.It has a broad range of
    features and articles that amalgamate fashion, art, decor and contemporary
    living in our century.What I like about ELLE Deco Magazine is that it is
    full of
    inspiration regarding the use of colour, shape, style, design ,within the
    living space that you find yourself in.I think that many people watch
    certain lifestyle programs and read certain lifestyle, fashion and decor
    magazines and think that it is impossible to bring a glimpse/taste of what
    they see into their daily surroundings, assuming that they cannot afford to
    colour their world, but ELLE Deco Magazine makes it possible for people to
    inspired by the ordinary shape, colour,design,decor that we ssee daily, to
    enhance and colour
    their own world within the framework of affordability, while at the same
    time encouraging readers not just to be in fashion, but to set their own

    Thank you Elle!

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