1. Tangram aloe tile from OPUS Collection Inlayed tile with different types of marble www.lithosdesign.com 2. Deserted_sahara wallpaper by Room 13 www.robinsprong.com 3. Plumen 001 lightbulbs www.plumen.com

Trends are crossing over into other trends seemingly more than ever – marble finds its place within the multi-functional furniture trend. Get inspired by cutting edge ideas in design, materials, plants and even architecture for your four-legged friends.

In our Trends Issue earlier this year, DECO explored the trends to look out for this year: botanicals, geometrics, multi-use items and more. Here, we show you a recap of that inspiring issue:

Decor Trends 2015
Decor Trends 2015

1.  Suki by Margo Selby www.margoselby.com 2. Torei side tables variety of sizes. fit together like jigsaw puzzle. including carrara marble and red-stained wood. www.cassina.com 3. Allegro tile from OPUS Collection www.lithosdesign.com 4. Parachilna Chinoz lamps by Jaime Hayon www.hayonstudio.com 5. Faded Dahlia Rug by Nicolette Brunklaus  egecarpets.com  www.brunklaus.nl 6. kose milano www.kosemilano.com 7. Botanical wallpaper by Room 13 www.robinsprong.com 8. New Roman Collection for Paola by Jaime Hayon www.hayonstudio.com


Opener Image Captions:

1. Tangram aloe tile from OPUS Collection Inlayed tile with different types of marble www.lithosdesign.com 2. Deserted_sahara wallpaper by Room 13 www.robinsprong.com 3. Plumen 001 lightbulbs www.plumen.com