Meet Coco from COCOCOZY - designer, entertainment executive and blogger extraordinaire.

If you haven’t yet stumbled across the COCOCOZY design blog then you are in for a treat! We sat down with the lady behind the magic, Coco herself, to find out her trade secrets and more about their beautiful new homeware collection.

How do you find the time to manage COCOCOZY and your corporate job?
With passion! I am still working as an entertainment executive and running COCOCOZY but I thrive off both and feel too invested in both to choose just one. I am so lucky to have two jobs I love – as I know some people spend a lifetime trying to find just one.

One of my favorite pieces is our COCOCOZY Logo throw blanket in navy blue because it clearly tells the story of this brand – fresh, easy, modern elegance.

You have over 53K followers on Instagram – what’s the secret?
Two things: Be consistent and know your own voice.  I love sharing my design finds and inspiration with the people who follow me.  When I see something pretty or beautiful, I immediately have the urge to talk about it or share it. I am lucky to have such a devoted group of people following my design journey – we trust each other. Everything we do at COCOCOZY comes from a unique point of view and is authentic.

What is your main source of inspiration? 
I am drawn to any space that blends old and new. My dream space would be a white room with high ceilings, lots of light, large windows and old architectural details, like a carved stone fireplace and decorative molding on the walls, filled with modern pieces of furniture. My design aesthetic is more about the lines and the textures of each piece and room.

I came to the world of design as a newbie. I didn’t know the ‘right’ things to like . . . I just knew what I liked.

Which designers are you following at the moment?
I follow Mexico-based design and furniture company Casamidy.  They work with local artisans to create contemporary furniture and accessories. Follow them on Instagram @casamidyjorge.

We can only imagine that your home is idyllic – what’s it like?
I live in a tiny little cottage in the Hollywood Hills.  I bought my house years ago – it was charming, but needed work.  Over the years I have made it into a stylish, cozy space, filled with pieces that fit the home’s character and my life.  For my next home though, I imagine a new elegant, beach chic space with lots of light colours, natural fiber fabrics, interesting layered textures and of course, lots of natural light.

We’ve created a line that is ‘accessible chic’ with pillows, throws, rugs, candles and trays that can be easily incorporated into almost any home.

Tell us about living and working in Los Angeles:
I loved growing up in Los Angeles.  My entire family lived here so I was exposed to a lot of different parts of the city.  Growing up in Southern California was a gift – it offers such a mix of cultures and trends. With all of the sun and warm weather, I am drawn to a very fresh and bright design aesthetic.

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