Having recently sent our Africa Issue off to print, the DECO team was looking for an appropriate dinner spot to celebrate. When we came across Gold Restaurant we just knew we had found our place. A unique African themed restaurant located in the heart of Cape Town, Gold’s authentic menu and vibrant staff made for a memorable night out.


Africa is home to hundreds of tribes, ethnic and social groups. Our diversity as a continent is reflected in Gold’s hearty cuisine with each course providing a different taste experience. Contrary to popular western perceptions of a predominantly meat-based diet, authentic African cooking consists of organically produced whole grains, beans, fresh fruit and vegetables. These dishes epitomise a culture of healthy eating.

Have you ever had the feeling that you just cannot eat another thing but you simply can’t resist another bite? We had that very problem when we were at Gold. Here is a selection of all the mouth-watering dishes we got to feast on…


Spiced tomato soup from South Africa

Traditionally prepared roostekoek from South Africa

Kenyan irio patties

Cape smoked fish pate

Egyptian butterbean mash with dukkah

Algerian kofta kebabs

Ethiopian lab dip made from cured cheese, fresh herbs and garlic.

Tunisian briouats pastry parcels



A Namibian venison pot

Cape Malay chicken curry

Moroccan tomato, olive and chick pea tagine

Traditional African creamy pap

Moroccan sweet potato and butternut tagine

Nigerian corn and beans prepared with red beans and corn

Mama B’s Cameroon mchicha


After tasting every dish at least three times over, the team made space for the Cape Malay boeber topped with a dusting of 24 carat gold.

The DECO team enjoying the festive atmosphere

The culinary experience is accompanied by character-filled entertainment. Diners clap and sing along with the bright cheery faces expressing the true African dance style and rhythm and can even join in on an African drumming experience before dinner is served.

Images courtesy of Gold Resaurant

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Visit them at 15 Bennett Street, Green Point, Cape Town

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