Gorgeous and (almost) ‘Impossible to Kill’ House Plants

We all want to have some beautiful greenery around the house, but some of us just aren’t blessed with green fingers.

The plants below will allow you to go on holiday, be a little carefree, and still have an indoor jungle to show off to your guests. They are low maintenance and basically raise themselves. Added bonus? All these plants are air purifiers too!

English Ivy

Beautiful hanging plants or creepers, they like moist, well-drained soil and bright light. Tip: to keep it bushy, pinch of the tips of new growth.

English Ivy

Philodendron (AKA the trendy delicious monster)

Perfect as a hanging plant or potted and it requires very little TLC, give it a little water and indirect sunlight and it will bloom beautifully.



They come in so many colours! Make sure this plant gets lots of bright light but not natural light, they prefer a darker spot inside.


Spider Plant

This plant is not as scary as it sounds, it loves well-lit spots, and it needs a weekly watering.

Spider Plant


A plant with so many uses! Not only does it purify air but you can break off a piece and rub the aloe on sun burn, rashes, skin irritants, etc. Water this plant as little as once every two to three weeks.

Aloe Vera

Cast-Iron Plant

This plant really lives up to its name, surviving low light, poor-quality soil, spotty watering and a wide range of temperatures.

Cast Iron Plant

Jade Plant

This is a desert succulent so it likes warm temperatures and bright light; as for water, let the soil dry out before giving just a small amount. You can see the leaves begin to shrivel a little when watering is needed.

Jade Plant

Snake Plant

Also known as a ‘mother in law’s tongue’. This plant needs almost no water, let the soil dry out between watering sessions to make sure you don’t ‘over love’ it.

Snake Plant
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