The power of craft combined with design is tremendous, making the spectrum of possibilities endless. Max Lamb embodies that strength. This Englishman cites his exploration of materials to his childhood expeditions in the Cornwall countryside.

Engaging with the landscape and its materials eventually led to a Masters Degree in Design Products at the Royal College of Art. A craftsman, designer and educator Lamb teaches at the ECAL in Switzerland while simultaneously producing new work under his established studio.

Max Lamb
Clockwise from top left: Nanocrystalline Copper Furniture, OC Shoreditch pop-up store, Marmoreal 

Marmoreal, 2014, Engineered marble, Produced by Dzek

Lamb’s absolute understanding of materials is realised in his project Marmoreal. Exquisitely engineered marble composed from four Veronese marbles, the material is an exploration of each stone individually as well as the realisation that combining them makes for something extraordinary. A fine balance between modernism and tradition, Marmoreal’s visual qualities are graphic. Extending the material’s applications further than traditional architecture surfaces six pieces of furniture were developed to show the materials possibilities.

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Max Lamb
Project Clockwise from left top: Anodised Chair, MarmorealExercises in SeatingMarmoreal Black

I want the process to be communicated in the final object, the aesthetic is a consequence of the making. It’s not about design: it’s about how it’s made

Max Lamp
Clockwise from left top:  Nanocrystalline Copper Spoons, Chatsworth Yew Logs, Exercise in Seating, Hard Core Limestone 

Lambs’ ideology is that the final product is as important as the manufacturing process it goes through and in that he challenges materials’ traditional uses. Making chairs out of stone and copper, his designs are both fresh and and almost pre-historic.

Max Lamb
Clockwise from left top: Marmoreal, Chatsworth Yew Logs, Last Stool, Connemara Marble

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