‘Over the past few years Pretoria has seen an undeniable growth in the field of creativity. Marked by the rise of many private design colleges, underground initiatives, emerging freelancers, entrepreneurial expeditions and experimental projects, Pretoria’’s creative scene has escalated into somewhat of a cult movement. Cape Town is famous for its Indabas, Joburg has its conventions, Pretoria now has Hello Ambassador!’


Hello Ambassador is the first creative conference to be held in Pretoria.

1.  Two Day Conference

Featuring various local and international designers, producers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, advertising and marketing gurus, and all-round creatives and will be hosted at the Pretoria State Theater.

Expect inspiring talks, Google hangouts, state of the art visuals and world class ingenuity!

2. Creative Expo

Local artists, brands, and companies promoting and selling their work, products and services.

3. Design Competition and Awards

Big prizes and give aways with categories catering for students, emerging artists and freelancers in art, design, fashion, music and film.

4. Gala event and After party

The best of SA’s local bands, DJ’s, VJ’s and performers, held at Pretoria’s hottest new cosmopolitan venue…

Meet the speakers here

Images: Giuseppe Russo | Sibs Shongwe | | Karlien Thomashoff |Markus Wormstorm | Yabadaka Shamah | Raimi Gbadamosi | Grea Van Der Merwe | Peach Van Pletzen | Johannes Mans Du Preez |

  1. To create a platform where emerging artists, creative entrepreneurs and industry experts can meet and network.
  2. To promote local South African talent both nationally and internationally.
  3. To inspire and educate young creatives and students.
  4. To create opportunities for international collaborations.
  5. To promote arts and culture and create awareness of the opportunities that exist within the creative industry.
  6. To revive interest in the Pta CBD and inner-city creative initiatives while contributing towards the urban redevelopment of our capitol.

But wait, there is more. Yet another event not be missed in the Cool Capital.

Cool Capital Biennale 2014 is a citizen-lead initiative to bring about visual, perception and actual change to Pretoria, by means of a multitude of small interventions. The aim is to introduce the public to a wealth of art, architecture, urban- and graphic design, as well as sculpture creations, while affording them the opportunity to interact with these civic interventions. The event is inclusive and open to any individual, or group.

helloambassador.co.za | helloambassador@gmail.com | www.facebook.com/HelloAmbassador | @HelloAmbassador

www.coolcapital.co.za | info@coolcapital.co.za | facebook.com/CoolCapital2014 | @CoolCapital2014