In our May issue, we featured the exquisite Fresnaye home of interiors expert Sue Bond, watch as she talks us through the design elements.

Surveying every carefully considered corner in the various rooms of her breezy, ocean-facing villa in the Cape Town suburb of Fresnaye, it’s clear her palette leans heavily towards all the shades of the sea. Indeed, the views of the Atlantic are among the most dazzling visions you encounter here, framed by the tall windows and forever shifting from shimmering turquoise to deep indigo in the changing light of day.Having previously lived in Asia with her family for several years, Bond’s love of blue takes on a fervour in her vast collection of china, some pieces lugged all the way back from Hong Kong, others carried home in luggage from the Delft factory in Holland.

‘Every picture tells a story – it all has meaning,’ Bond explains of her fascination with the blue-and-white patterns. ‘It’s always been the colour palette I’ve loved and as my collection grew, it became a focal point for me.The family’s Fresnaye home has been a particular labour of love. It started with the idea of renovating the existing house on the property, but progressed to a full-scale rebuild with the help of Wynand Wilsenach Architects. ‘My intention was to make it our dream house,’ she says. Thus the modern Georgian home took shape, with all the pure symmetry, elegant proportions and classic detailing required as a blank canvas for the decorative layers to follow. She has a particular proclivity for wallpaper and a specific design can form the foundation on which the rest of the decor scheme will hang with seemingly effortless élan, from the monochrome master bedroom upstairs to the tropics-inspired bar on the house’s lower level.

The home is filled with a vast and eclectic collection of paintings and sculptures by international as well as South African artists, including William Kentridge, Phillemon Hlungwani, Colbert Mashile, Deborah Bell, Shany van den Berg and Abe Opperman, among many others. ‘You don’t have to look outside our borders to fill your home with beauty,’ says Bond. But she’s also held tightly onto certain treasures from the family’s Hong Kong years, notably her prized figurines – replicas from David Tang’s famed China Club – found in markets in Beijing.

‘I’m fascinated by art,’ she adds, ‘the fact that a person can make something magnificent which someone else can’t live without. A creative thing that someone can do and other people can enjoy.’ To the outsider, and certainly to her clients, it seems the same might apply to the artistry of Bond’s expressive interiors

Video by Lufuno Ramadwa.
Photography by Adam Letch.