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Honest Chocolate is a small artisinal chocolate company based in Cape Town. With numerous outlets all over South Africa, they offer some of the best handmade chocolate creations in the country. DECO Junior Designer, Jessie, chatted to one of their chocophiles, Anthony, to hear more about what their brand is all about.

The Honest Chocolate brand is well-known for their raw and organic products – all their chocolate is hand-made by traditional methods and packaged with eco-friendly paper.

They’ve also recently launched their Honest Chocolate Café in Wale street, Cape Town – a beautiful place to indulge in everything chocolate. Lose yourself in the beautiful Parisian style chocolate café, or venture outside to a fairytale courtyard.

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Photograph by Michelle Parkin
Photograph by Iris Westra

Our coffee is blended and roasted especially for us by a small, local home roaster – it complements our chocolate perfectly.

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Photography by Michelle Parkin

The team takes things to the next level in their café, using dark chocolate in Macadamia nut brownies, chocolate stout cake, tarts, hot chocolates and other treats. They also offer gluten-free and vegan variations.

The most famous speciality is Banana Bread Bunny Chow, a sweet take on the South African dish. It consists of an individual banana bread hollowed out and filled with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream (from Sorbetiere in Woodstock) and big dollop of chocolate spread, topped off with roasted Christmas-spiced nuts. It’s quite the experience.

They also offer delicious milkshakes and something called a Coconut Dream, an amazing drink made from soaked dates, coconut milk (preservative-free) and cocoa powder – all blended with ice. Sounds like a dream, right?

Elle Decoration SA
Photograph by Michelle Parkin
Photograph by Michelle Parkin

We highly recommend you take a trip to the Honest Chocolate Cafe in Wale Street and experience these treats first hand. For more information on where they stock their products, visit honestchocolate.co.za

Photographs courtesy of Honest Chocolate.