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Though summer wont be here for another few weeks, for many of us warmer temperatures mark the official start of the season, and what better way to kick it off than by gathering your favorite people for food and fun.

Hosting friends can be complex. From choosing the correct table settings to finding the perfect recipe, things can get overwhelming. It’s summertime and the living should be easy but hosting a gathering can be anything but. To keep things fun, light and to elevate your celebration beyond just another backyard braai, follow these tips on how to make your soiree a memorable one.

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Signature Drink

Rather than directing guests to the bar or cooler, creating a drink just for the event, no matter how simple, helps the gathering feel all the more special. Offer a choice between an easy but tasty, fresh fruity cocktail such as sangrias, margaritas and mojitos and add a fun twist. Pro tip? Make a jug of each and invite your guests to serve themselves. Store a few bottles of wine and keep an ice chest of beer on hand just incase. If non-alcoholic drinks are more suited for your soiree, consider serving an Agua Fresca for a tasty light summer drink to have to toast to the summer.

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Appetizing food paired with fresh cocktails brings any soiree to life. If you aren’t a gourmet chef or simply don’t have time to dedicate to creating a sumptuous menu, stop by your local caterers for stunning selection of buffet options and serve any of which would make a tasty addition to your summer party. Hosting a beautiful summer party doesn’t have to leave you stressed out, prepare a mixture of easy bite-sized hor d’oeuvre recipes like cucumber and smoked salmon or cocktail-infused popsicles, and fresh fruit-inspired desserts. Also, look out for ingredients that are in season, to help bring the enticing flavors of the season to your soiree.

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Add Some Flair 

Decorating doesn’t need to be a big production. A beautifully curated tablescape display can be visually rewarding. Flowers add charm to your soiree, and sometimes all it takes is a tablecloth to add some dimension. Fresh flowers in mason jars can add a rustic touch to your décor. Be sure to create your own signage; combine an eclectic mix of simple and trendy items or handmade bohemian décor to add some style to your table. Whether it’s a party for four or a big gathering, accessories are essential.

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Set The Mood

Parties are the perfect place to mix and mingle; however we may sometimes need a little help finding common ground. Leave out some icebreaker cards or games that will encourage interaction, just in case. If your celebration will extend to outdoors, place citronella tiki torches throughout the yard to provide atmospheric lighting. Incorporate a generous selection of antique one-of-a-kind chandeliers, as well as sconces, lamps and candles to add that wow-factor to your soiree.

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Don’t Forget The Music

Put everyone in a summer state of mind with the perfect playlist and let your guests show off their own too. Celebrating outdoors? Consider investing in portable outdoor speakers with bluetooth capabilities to streamline the experience and opt for a water-resistant model.

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