Now this is sexy. Just launched at the SANLAM Handmade Contemporary Food Wine and Design Fair, the POD-iDLADLA is a modular, prefabricated nano-home which is designed and manufactured in South Africa.

Architect Clara Cruz, the originator of the POD-iDLADLA realised that the challenge of contemporary urban living was compounded by issues of space and preserving resources and rose to the challenge of re-imagining both. So, Collaborate000 architects, and product designers, Dokter and Missses, joined forces to find solutions.

The project makes inroads into eco-friendly, customisable living solutions designed for a Southern African context. Owing to it’s design and size, pod owners will have a far reduced energy bill in comparison to a conventional home.

Each is made off-site, to specific client specification, allowing one to start simply with a shell or to go for a full-on kitted out interior (or somewhere in-between). Several 17-square-metre unit can be positioned in various configurations to form larger, multi-use living areas.

 INDAWO / lifePOD | Elle Decoration SA

Living smaller will save you money in the long run; it could also make you happier.


 INDAWO / lifePOD | Elle Decoration SA

DECO chatted to Katy Taplin from Dokter and Misses about the POD…

Could you personally live in the POD?
Definitely. Ideally I’d like to live in a cluster of PODs or have a single POD for a holiday breakaway. I’m looking forward to spending a night in it very soon.

What was the hardest thing about designing interiors and products for lifePOD?
Ensuring that everything was multi-functional, and optimised for space-saving.

The best?
Seeing it all come together and appreciating how spacious the POD actually is. It was remarkable to really see that through strategic design, small spaces can be made all the more liveable.

How do you think people are going to respond?
We’ve had fantastic feedback over the past few days. Many people are interested in one as a second dwelling on their property for guests, or as an office; others want one (or a few) as a holiday home. I’d like to see the pods in an urban environment, as a starter home for a young graduate. The great thing is that the POD can be relocated to a larger piece of land at a later stage and more PODs added as the need arises.

What was your inspiration for the interior design?
It needed to be very calm. We chose to keep the interior predominantly white with accents of mint green and grey. The idea is for the owner to display their items on the wall-mounted storage. It was also important to include as much enclosed storage as possible, to avoid clutter.

The lights all plug into the wall sockets and instead of hiding the cables, we decided to make a feature of them with a neon orange chord. Not wanting to play it too safe, we asked Nicole Levenberg to design a fantastically bold, hand-drawn textile for the couches and pillows in black and white. The kitchen is white with orange drawer interiors – I like how the orange can be revealed but isn’t visible all of the time.

Do you design any pieces specifically for the pod? Like what?Everything was specifically designed for the POD. The kitchen, bed, fold-down table and fold-away couches were designed for the POD. We adapted our wall-mounted storage system (Format system) to fit the POD. We used existing lighting DAM and bathroom products.

 INDAWO / lifePOD | Elle Decoration SA

The POD-iDLADLA is a lifestyle and design intervention that affords home owners a comfortable, functional experience inside a small space; to live in confluence with the needs of the planet now and in the future.

 INDAWO / lifePOD | Elle Decoration SA


With the first prototype completed the POD-iDLADLA team are reviewing the costs and will be publishing more information as it becomes available.

Costs can vary greatly since each POD-iDLADLA is customisable and each site that one (or a few) is installed is different. A POD-iDLADLA could cost anywhere between R 200 000 and R 700 000.



COLLABORATE000 | concept
DOKTER AND MISSES | interior + product design
MADLOZI MEDIA| experience designer + curator
THE LEOPARD RESTAURANT | master chef + food design
KARABO MOKABA | young graduate
REACH-RENEWABLE | sustainable energy advisors
ERA ARCHITECTS | sustainable energy advisors
HOLMS AND FRIENDS | sustainable energy advisors
DYMOND ENGINEERING | steel design + manufacture
CUPRIC TECTONICS | metal cladding
TEXWISE | tensile design using ferrari fabric
LEGRAND | switches + sockets
NICOLE LEVENBERG | textile design
RONEL JORDAAN | outdoor furniture
GREEN GRASS DESIGN | graphic design
HOUSE OF YORK | duckboard
YOAV DAGAN | audiovisual advisor
R O X | social media activation


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Photographs:  Brett Rubin

*Editorial amends made to the product name on 23 July 2015 at the request of POD-iDLADLA due to ongoing legal copyright issues.