Inspiring Instagram: the PANTONE project

Pantone Instagram project
Artist and self-taught photographer, Matthew Deutscher's Instagram project | Images: @oakandink

Artist and self-taught photographer, Matthew Deutscher, has created an Instagram project that will see him work his way through the PANTONE colour swatch book. DECO takes a look at some of his recent work; our most inspiring Instagram discovery yet.

The PANTONE colour matching system has become a universal communication tool for designers, printers, stylists and any other colour-critical industries to match and reproduce hundreds of hues.

Inspired by PANTONE and people, Matthew Deutscher matches the photos he takes with their PANTONE spot colour and uploads them to Instagram to create a colour-coordinated visual for his followers to enjoy while they scroll through his feed.

The project has allowed Matthew to collaborate with many different creative individuals who share his passion for colour and photography, and has also challenged him to fully absorb the world of colours around him.

Inspired by Pantone
Image: @oakandink

I found that yellow was really challenging – it was becoming a murky yellowy-green when I transitioning to green, but then I realised it was all around me in artificial light.

Elle Decoration SA
Image: @oakandink


Image: @oakandink


Elle Decoration SA
Image: @oakandink

You can follow the “Inspired by people and Pantone” project on Instagram here.

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