To read about a truly grand hotel revamp, check out pages 35 – 37 of the Revamp! issue.

After slumping into scandal and closure, the ertswhile Metropole Hotel on Long Street now has new owners and a whole new look: The Grand Daddy has opened its arms, flashing elegant bling, and it seems that Cape Town has fallen wholeheartedly into this luxurious embrace.

Make a Grand Daddy of a booking, and find out more about the Daddy Long Legs group by visiting the Daddy Longlegs website.

Production: Tracy Lynch
Photographs: Justin Patrick


  1. Very cool. Although I think with the couch, I’d probably choose a decorative pillow that plays a little more on the gold and silver tones of the room, rather than the same color as the couch itself.

    I love the dark feel of that hallway, though.