Issue 61: The Line of Beauty

LIM is a small but perfectly formed homeware and furniture store just up the road from my place on Cape Town’s vibey Kloof Street, owned and designed by Pauline Mutlow. Whenever I pass, I can never resist taking a peek inside LIM (which stands for Less is More) so, of course, the story about her Hout Bay home on pages 100 – 105 of Issue 61 is particularly intruiging.


Mark Williams’ pictures show off the light, air and natural textures of her home, demonstrating that Pauline brings her “Less is More” philosophy home from work with her. Every object here is carefully selected, but the overall impression is not of control or of limiting, but of effortless restraint.



Production: Tracy Lynch

Photos: Mark Williams

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  • In issue 61 you said to go to your website if we wanted to see more pictures of Libby de Villiers’s house near Stellenbosch. It seems i’m too computer illiterate to find it. Have tried EVERYTHING. Help please?!

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