Little Nell is lucky to have a stylist for a mom and an artist for a dad, so I guess it’s no surprise that she has such a gorgeous bedroom.


But it seems our readers are lucky too, because her dad, Conrad Botes, has made one of the stencils he used to decorate Nell’s room, available to our readers. Check out the sidebar for our free Conrad Botes stencil* download (top), and a bonus stencil too.

* These stencils are for personal use only, not for re-sale or for use in commercial projects or products.


  1. Please add the other stencils as well.
    I have looked for this magazine everywhere and can’t find it. I live in California, USA. The poodle won’t really work in my boys room. I want the cat and bird ones. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! 🙂

  2. Could you tell us the name of the artist so we can contact them and beg for help with the vector stencils. The birds and the shark would be great for my boys room. Poodles do not really cut it with little boys.


    Jayne from the Hudson Valley, NY

  3. Hi Jayne

    The artist, Conrad Botes, tells us that he doesn’t have any of the other stencils any more. He suggests you print out this pic of Nell’s room, trace the stencil shape you like, then blow it up on a photocopy machine until it reaches the size you need. Hope that helps!

    Best wishes,

  4. Hello, i really love the stancils, would it be possible if i could get one or two of them i love them so much, my daughter will be born in 7 weeks, and it’s my first child,so they would look greta on her wall
    Hope you can help

    • Dear Dale

      All of our stencils are free to download, so you’re welcome to download any of the the pdfs onto your computer, then print them out and make a stencil with it.

      Best of luck with your new baby,
      Heather (ELLE Decoration blog)

  5. Hello, these stencils are great, but the download link doesn’t seem to be in the side bar anymore. I know this is old, but are they still available? Many thanks.

    • Hi Zoe
      Please look at the menu bar above the ELLE Decoration masthead, where you’ll see a ‘downloads’ tab. This is where you’ll find all the older downloads stored.
      Happy stencilling!

  6. I am looking for african inspired stencils , like a family of warthogs, guinea fowl family and gekkos . Where could I reserrach of find info to make my own stencils

    • Hi Audrey : )
      When in doubt, google image search. We’ve just found some nice results.
      We also suggest you look at ‘Fun with African Animals Stencils’ by Sue Brooks.
      Hope you find something you like!