Clinton Friedman’s home is the ultimate work-from-home space. Together with his wife Bronwyn, the talented photographer has created a haven for his family on a forested slope in Kloof, Durban.

Natural light falls through wide, double-volume windows, enhancing the raw, open space. Whether working in the studio or relaxing around the family dining table, the Friedmans get the best of both worlds – work and play.


  1. Hi

    I really would like to know what is the name of the brick used on the wall of the fireplace on page 86 of the latest issue in Clinton Friedman’s house and whether there was any special building methods used to get the look.

    I am building a new house and would like to use this type and colour brick on some of the walls.


    • Hi Deon,
      We would suggest looking for reclaimed red brick bricks from factories and such then coating them in a sealant. Good luck with your build.

      The Deco Team

  2. Hi Deon,

    Unfortunately the bricks come form a discontinued range, however you should be able to find something similar, they are sometimes know as”drab” over fired, and are solid clay.

    The direction to the brick layer was to be as precise as possible with the vertical and horizontal lines, yet not to particular about cleaning up the cement between each brick, just wiping with the trowel as he goes, then let him go and see the magic unfold by itself, he will definitely look at you sqiff though.

    Good luck


  3. Hi Clint & Deco team

    Thanks for your response on my brick question, looking forward to experiment with the brick walls in our new house.

    clinton, have admired your photographs in the ads in deco mags for a long time. Will definitely get some for our house later on.

    Thanks again

  4. So exciting to see the artistic talent in South Africa proving itself yet again – Fabulous work Clinton.