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Gallery 1957 is thrilled to be hosting Yellow is the Colour of Water, a solo display of fresh masterpieces by modern figurative painter, Jeremiah Quarshie.

Quarshie’s elaborately adorned portraits are identified by an unusual realism integrated with his individualistic form of graphic communication. His style takes into account
 the creation of imagery and the restrictions of portraiture. The stories behind Quarshie’s convoluted and multifaceted depictions of beauty queens, female entrepreneurs and workers, are inspired by present-day life in Ghana, and highlight the bonds between people otherwise separated by social, economic or geographical circumstances.

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In this display, recent paintings from Quarshie’s Yellow is the Colour of Water collection portray Accra’s water deficit issue. An inefficient water network results in water supply regularly being denied to homes, and people transporting water in yellow plastic jerry cans is a common occurrence. The art on view shows predominantly women, who
 are usually responsible for gathering water in conventional Ghanaian culture, from various groups of society, to indicate the levelling that takes place via this worldwide human need. Quarshie illustrates his ageing grandmother, a youthful woman footballer, a builder, a pregnant female, a Brazilian expatriate and a nurse, in simplistic settings, perched atop yellow gallon canisters.

The artist shares his thoughts: “The search for water is a strong symbol of what brings people together here. It does not matter where you are from, what you do for a living, what social class you are in or even your religious background. If you live in Accra, you are affected by the water problem.”

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Quarshie is heavily occupied by the history of art and collects numerous stylistic influences from Dutch Masters to American Photorealism. His configurations are greatly staged and employing a photographic manner of working, his procedure is initiated by forming sets filled with friends and regular people he came across, whom partake in posing. By crafting and photographing these scenes, he is equipped to record the intricacy of detail, and refashion textures using an improved method.

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Quarshie was born in Accra in 1985 and currently lives there. He pursued education in fine art at Ghana’s celebrated Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), the institution attended by El Anatsui and Ibrahim Mahama.

Quarshie’s art has been included in expositions around the globe including: The Gown Must Go To Town, Science and Technology Museum, Accra (2015); Silence Between the Lines, Prime Motors Showroom, Kumasi (2015); The Munich-project, Global Art — Local View, Villa Mohr, Munich (2014); Muses, Goethe Institut, Accra (2013); The ‘Sabi Yu Rutu’ project, Suriname (2013); Kaleidoscope, La Villa Boutique, Accra (2013); Time, Trade and Travel, Nubuke Foundation, Accra and Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA), Amsterdam (2012); and The Ghana-project, Global Art — Local View, Goethe Institut, Accra (2012).

All images courtesy of Gallery 1957.

Taking a trip to Ghana?

Established in Accra by collector Marwan Zakhem, Gallery 1957 is a new gallery with a curatorial emphasis on current Ghanaian art. The gallery offers a variety of expositions, installations and performances by the country’s most notable artists. The Gallery is hosting Jeremiah Quarshie‘s Yellow is the Colour of Water exhibition from 18 August – 22 October 2016.

Find Gallery 1957 at:

Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City

PMB 66 — Ministries

Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue

Ridge — Accra


For more information email info@gallery1957.com.

Alternatively, visit gallery1957.com.

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