After an epic clean-up mission on our beautiful beaches, the DECO team was left with bin bags full of trash, but no ordinary trash – the majority was undoubtedly plastic straws. And so began the conversations, research and realisation of the shocking statistics around these troublesome, single-use plastic straws. Needless to say, we’ve found a solution with Stream Straws.

With a simple mission to reduce the amount of plastic straws used daily across the globe, Stream Straws offers a reusable and eco-friendly alternative. Hand made in Woodstock, Cape Town these glass drinking straws are extremely durable and made out of borosilicate glass. This also makes them suitable for all ages, resistant to thermal shock, dishwasher friendly and come with lifetime guarantee.

Stream Straws sets come with a protective hemp case.

Feeling lucky? To help create awareness around plastic pollution, Stream Straws is giving four ELLE Decoration readers the chance to win a Stream Straws hamper, that includes a hemp straw sleeve.


To stand a chance to win, simply comment below and tell us what you are doing to live a greener life.

The winner will be selected randomly and notified telephonically and via email. Employees of Isiko Media (Pty) Ltd, the promoters and their families are not eligible to enter.

Visit Stream Straws online and follow them on Facebook/streamstraws and Instagram @streamstraws


Buy your own Stream Straws here: Faithful to NatureOrganic LivingOrganic ZoneSaucisse Deli

The competition has closed and the lucky winners are:

Simoné, Anusha Naidoo, Hailey Donald, Carin Wolfaard

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  1. I’m all for going green. One of the things I do is use my car less and walk more. I walk to the shops most of the time. I also try and make my own homemade detergents instead of buying detergents from the shop. We use waste products from our veggies to make compost.

  2. For me it’s about being more conscious in all aspects – whether it be choosing greener packaging, declining the plastic bag at the shop, composting, not letting the shower run for hours or separating trash to recycle.

    Nothing changes if nothing changes – every small step is one in the right direction!

  3. I love the last straw concept! I try to use alternatives to plastic wherever possible. We recently installed a water filtration system at home, so instead of going to buy plastic bottles of water everyday, I now fill up at home into glass bottles(and none of that yucky plastic tasting water) I also invested in silicone sealer lids. They take the place of cling wrap and geniously moulds to the shape of most containers.

  4. I have been waiting for someone to design this. A few months ago I read an article on how to reduce plastic use in our everyday lives and was shocked to learn that something as small as a straw happens to pose a huge threat on sea life.The scary thing is we need the sea and all the creatures in it to survive. Sustainability has become our lifestyle both at home and work. We try minimise the use of plastic products we buy ( ie detergent on a box rather than a plastic bag), to having plastic and glass recycling bins. We have stopped using plastic straws altogether. We carry a water bottle with us instead of buying unnecessarily. The geyser is turned off during the day to reduce electricity use. We try minimise our water use through taking short showers and are currently busy with landscaping our garden so that it becomes less reliant on water. We also compost our fruit and veggie waste and return it to the spoil and have a herb garden which saves us from having to buy herbs in plastic containers. We try change something small every month which contributes to our efficiency and are active voices within our community for sustainability. Awareness is key to making a change.

  5. Walk instead of drive for short distances. I love using MyCiti in Cape Town, which makes public transport a viable and pleasant green alternative. And recycle, although my block only accepts plastic and glass (not paper or metal).

  6. We make use of solar heating at home, we switch off our lights when not in a room as well as make use of our bicycles during the sunny days to reduce my Carbon Footprint. I am not only living a greener lifestyle but a healthier one as well.

  7. I’m slowly working my way towards a zero waste lifestyle. I’ve switched to a bamboo toothbrush that is entirely compostable and I even make my own toothpaste and deodorant. A friend of mine also made me some reusable produce bags so I can avoid the single-use plastic bags when buying food at a market or store.

  8. making my own beauty products in old cream, lotion, conditioner, shampoo bottles with bicarb, coconut oil, essential oils, etc…

  9. I collect rain water use it for watering plants. Washing my car , washing Windows.
    The geyser is switched off after we shower each morning and evening.
    We walk to the shops instead of using the car …no fuel emission
    We use a electric grill instead of a braai
    I use a canvas bag for shopping

  10. We have rain water tanks which we have connected to the house so that we can switch off from Munic water and run whole house on the tanks. Additionally, we run a chemical free household and try to grow our own food as much as possible.

  11. I don’t buy anything with one off plastic like packaging, covers etc. I recycle everything too! I also have a grey water system which I collect grey water and use that to wash cars and water plants. I love the idea of these straws and could definitely use them

  12. I do not waste electricity – from small already my father taught me to switch off lights after leaving the room. I recycle paper, plastic, tins & bottles. Just this weekend I started making mini ice buckets from the 2 litre plastic cooldrink bottles – decorate with ribbon & you have a Wow ice bucket for the patio table!

  13. I have been on the ‘green’ bandwagon for ages – recycle all kitchen waste etc and separate glass from paper etc. Had a solar panel installed to heat water and have invested in a worm farm

  14. What a fabulous idea for my G&T :)!
    I’m all about living a greener live and reducing the carbon footprint. During summer, we purchased an old oil drum which we converted into a rain water drum. We now collect TONS of rain water which can be used for watering our garden throughout the summer. It’s fantastic!

    We have had a worm farm for about 5 years which we throw most of our scraps in, this has been very fruitful and has also allowed us to builder worm farms for friends and family.

    All the scraps we are unable to feed our worms goes straight into our compost heap which eventually gets shared around our garden.

    All our coffee jars have been recycled into storage jars which look fabulous on our kitchen shelf with our various dry grains, pasta’s and spices. I love the farm style kitchen vibe.

    We walk wherever we can, shop at our local markets and use candles as much as possible. This is a great way for us to not only get back to basics and connect (no tv, electronics etc) but also to save on our cost of electricity.

    These are a few ways we make our lives Greener and will continue to do so and teach our children going forward. Well done Elle Decoration for this intiative.

  15. We have begun to separate all our plastic drinking bottles and when we have dirt collection day, the guys with their trolleys don’t need to go through our dirt. This is also in some way making some money for them.

  16. We are recycling & have encouraged three other households to do the same. Recycling is not collected in our area, so I take all three homes recycling to our recycling depot at work. We have also switched to bamboo toothbrushes recently & we absolutely love them.

  17. This is the one of the products I’ve been waiting for! I’ve making changes in my daily life as working in natural environments you often see the effects which humans have on it. So I’ve realised I need to change my lifestyle.

    I started buying items with little or no plastic wrapping. I always take my reusable bags with to the shop ive built up a collection of about 20 reusable bags.

    Recycling any of the plastic, glass and paper from daily uses, has reduced our black bin from usually being full by dirt collection day to only being about 20% full. I take the recycling to our neighborhood waste drop off once my recycling containers are full.

    To reduce out family’s waste even further we also started composting, which to be honest is easier said than done. Its a very tricky to get the balance right and then you also have to deal with the flies, its really a mission and im learning as I’m going along.

    I don’t use plastic straws unless its really needed but I’ve always wanted a glass straw, I was looking online but I could never find them locally and there is always a large amount to ship them over.

  18. We Preserve, Throwing out over ripe fruits and veggies is wasteful. Preserving, pickling and jam making are very easy to do and a great way to reduce waste. A great tip is to freeze over ripe bananas and turn them into a banana cake ….. nothing wasted and everyone enjoys be it pickles or cake 🙂

  19. Hooked on recycling! we started a little community in my area to assist with this and encourage other households to do the same!

  20. Hi I am currently busy with rehabilitating a wetland in my community which will enable re attraction of wetland habitat life that will in turn provide my community with ecosystem services

  21. I have 2 dustbins in the kitchen. One for rubbish and the other for recycling. As the recycling is no longer collected in our area we drop it off at the local recycle station once a week. Shower and bath water is redirected to the garden.

  22. I am going green by recycling all palstic, tin, glass and paper in my house.
    I also only switch on lights in my house that I need.

  23. 1. I have sign up for e-bills, to receive my bills by email.
    2. Since last year July, in my house we have no TV for weekends, we play Scrabble, chess, cards to reduce electricity usage.
    3. I do my washing of big washes once per week using cold water and environmentally friendly detergent.

  24. I have been searching for a product like this is SA forever! After watching a video about a turtle having a straw up his nose my heart broke and I vowed not to use a straw again. since then I make a conscious effort to reduce the plastic in my life, so I drink only out of glass or tin, I carry around my own water bottle and I pack my own lunch in glass containers. I recycle wherever I can and I try to make a sustainable choice wherever I can.

  25. conserve electricity – I turn off lights in every room that we are not using, we have our geyser, pool pump and outside night lights on timers

  26. Whilst waiting for the water in the shower to warm up whilst running, I collect the water within buckets and later flush the toilets when urinating and therefore saving litres of water in the process.

  27. I use a jug in my kitchen sink to collect water from rinsing. I use this to water my plants and garden. I recently also got a worm farm. I now can throw left over greens and veg waste in there to make worm tea and compost.

  28. Marry a smart plumber

    We have a rain water harvesting system which also purifies the water and pumps it back into the house for washing dishes, flushing toilets and laundry.

    The overflow flows into a cast iron bath in the garden which, together with our worm tea, we then use to water our herbs and veggies!

    We also collect the cold water out of the hot water line before we shower to flush the toilet in the morning 🙂

  29. I am currently studying sustainable development and it is great to see more and more innovative designs to reshape what we consume daily and lessen the pressure we constantly put on the environment.

  30. My family recycles everything – plastics, paper, glass.
    We re-use all our plastic bags until they break (and then recycle them)
    We catch the water in the shower while waiting for it to warm up so that nothing gets wasted. The captured water goes to water the garden,
    Being green is so important! And I’ve always wondered about re-usable straws – Great idea!

  31. I grew up in a very poor family. My father was a farmer and my mother was a housewife, but my childhood was very good. I am very grateful for my childhood, because it was full of gladness and good humanity and we learned to use everything sparingly, to re-use and re-purpose. I recycle kitchen waste and grow my own fruit and vegetables and use rain water.

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