Love the idea of marshmallows toasted on an open fire and the sound of crickets as you drift off snug in your sleeping bag under a sky bright with stars? Truth be told, camping’s more often than not about battles with monster mosquitoes and getting mud on your pajamas, so why not just enjoy the idea of it all with a couple of choice camping-themed items?


The moulded beech and woven leather Camping series by designer Jesper K. Thomsen is part of  Normann Copenhagen´s New Danish Modern collection, combining traditional Danish crafts and manufacture with modern designs.  The series is inspired by the idea of leisure and togetherness, and brings the enjoyment of camping outdoors, inside.



  1. Camping is not only a way to identify with the past of our ancestors but
    to prepare for the future.Its really best recreational activities and time spent in outdoors is perfect way to rejuvenate mind!
    All these camping equipments gonna help lot.Thanks.