Tug Nampo South Korea by Ashley Walters

Liminal Geographies, an upcoming exhibition curated by South African artists will show the works of creatives who employ concepts of  “liminal”, in their works.

Liminal, is a discipline originated from the study of human state of being within past and present societies. A state of uncertainty experienced in the larval stage of an experience, the space occupied by the characters after they shed an old identity and before they take on a new one. 

Liminal Geographies showcases exclusive works of young artists who tell stories of characters who lived in spaces between transience, transition and transformation both in representing them and working within them. Making a name for themselves, participants express themes of neither here nor there, uncertainty; and ambiguity between fixed states.

Hokusai as a girl by Gitte-Moller

The group exhibitions debuting on the Thursday 20 October at the Barnard Gallery Cape Town, investigates symbols and imagery of water and land – and serves as metonyms of Liminality and as liminal geographies in their own right.

Liminal Geographies will document how these artists have recreated liminal expressions, through specific techniques and processes, forming a generative ground upon which innovative artistic practices, abstract representations and beguilingly imagined and observed worlds emerge.

Arctica by Alexia Vogel | Gimballed Compass From the Alabama by Chad Russouw

The exhibition will feature, amongst others, Jean Brundrit, Katherine Spindler, Alexia Vogel, Swain Hoogervorst, Virginia MacKenny, Vanessa Cowling, Svea Josephy, Chad Rossouw, AshleyWalters, Gitte Möller, Sarah Biggs, Dominique Edwards, Alastair Whitton and Lien Botha.

Liminal Geographies will be on show from 29 October 2016 at Barnard Gallery, and will run until 29 November 2016 at 55 Main Street, Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa.

For all inquiries contact Banard Gallery at +27 (21) 671 1553

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