[FEATURED] SHF introduces Cape Town architect Bryce Henderson as the new face of the #shfgeneration and #shfdefineyourself campaign

Bryce Henderson and SHF share an innate passion for design and a creative flair. It’s no wonder then that Henderson is the latest face of the #shfdefineyourself campaign.

Style is about how you represent yourself, says Henderson. ‘It’s your own personal branding. Without consciously realising it, everything around us influences our creative juices.’

Henderson gains inspiration from his friends, family, other artists and sometimes even strangers.

See his SHF picks below:

Arch Time Piece
R1 250
Diamond Geometric Scatter
R1 650
Flora Chandelier
R7 500
Hayworth Sofa
R19 000
Hexagon Tables
From R2 500
Hexagon Tables
From R2 500
Kashan Rug
R8 500
Ming Pedestal
R8 000
Naal Stool
Rowan Chair
R13 500


Prices are subject to change

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