[FEATURED] Sophisticated yet down-to-earth, Noxi Ntshaba is the latest personality to join the SHF Generation

SHF’s April brand ambassador is the elegant, bright, and empowered Noxi Ntshaba. She is the newest addition to the #shfdefineyourself hall of fame family.

With her infectious sense of adventure, Ntshaba embodies a distinctive African style that is uncomplicated and which perfectly complements SHF’s uncluttered aesthetic.

Her good spirit, gorgeous smile, and genuine warmth has elevated the sophistication that defines SHF.

Indulge in her selection of SHF picks:

Clemance Scatter
R1 100
Coil Lantern
From R750
Column Gold Planters
From R350
Dali Coffee Table
R2 750
Ernst Table
R1 350
Feather Objet
Flamenco Chair
R8 500
Guild Bowls
From R1 250
Lizard Objet
R1 000
Prima Chandelier
R6 500
Rala Sofa
R35 000
Rose Plaque
R3 500
Shanti Rug
R 8 500

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