Young, vibrant and undeniably fresh, Mulberry & Prince is the cool new kid on the block. Pork, burnt cucumbers, leeks and brodo. Wow, right? The menu consists of captivating one-of-a-kind dishes and we haven’t even started on the decor, envisioned by the Cape Town interior design company Atelier. 


We had the chance to have a quick chat with Capetonian Cornel Mostert and New Yorker Cynthia Rivera, the two chefs behind Mulberry & Prince 

We want to know more about you – how did you meet and what are you passionate about apart from food? 

We met while studying at The Culinary Institute of America.  We love to eat out at other restaurants and also enjoy wine and cocktails.

When did you decide to open your own place, and why Cape Town? 

We were always in  talks about opening something together. While Cornel was visiting his family in Cape Town, the opportunity arose and we took it. It’s all history from there!

Where does the name Mulberry & Prince come from?

Mulberry & Prince is named after a street corner in Soho, New York City.  It is one of our favourite areas in NYC to hang out.

Take us through your menu – what are the influences behind the interesting combinations?

The menu is a combination of our experiences, inspirations and generally what we like to eat.  The nature of the food at Mulberry & Prince is that it is meant to be shared.  The concept of the small-to-midsize plates meant for sharing cultivates a spontaneous and communal vibe creating a space where people are encouraged to interact with each other.


The space is incredible, how did you find it?

Within the first week of looking for spaces we stumbled upon 12 Pepper St and immediately fell in love with it.

Tell us about the interior by Atelier – what were the core influences?

We wanted something bright, clean and modern with accents of wood, brick, marble and natural stone. We got lucky because the building is heritage and while we were renovating, we discovered the beautiful exposed bricks and natural stone hidden behind a wall which we knocked down. We really wanted to showcase the history of this building while adding modern touches to the space. The space is a good balance of old and new, heritage versus modern.

Kurt Pio’s work fits perfectly with the space, tell us more about your partnership with him?

We stumbled upon Kurt’s work on social media. When the idea of opening a restaurant came around we knew that his artwork was something we wanted in our space! His diamond series really caught our eye and we liked how unique his work is.

What sets you part from the other popular restaurants in town?

We are coming in as “the new kids on the block” and with that we just want to bring new vibes to Cape Town. We are just doing our own thing.


As trendsetters in the industry, please tell us:

What is your favourite restaurant internationally?

A few of our favourite restaurants include Uncle Boon’s in Soho, Maison Premiere in Brooklyn, NY, Rich Table in San Francisco and Amass in Copenhagen.

What’s the most fun one can have owning your own restaurant?

The most fun aspect is that we can create and execute our own menu.  

What’s the least fun thing about owning your own restaurant?

The least fun is the administrative part.  

Strangest/funniest thing that’s happened since you opened your doors?

We had a table of three older ladies come in and dine with us. When they were done eating, they busted out a bottle of whiskey and sat there the whole night sipping whiskey and knitting blankets. 

Favourite dish on the menu?

The ricotta dumplings and the buttermilk panna cotta

Chicken or Beef? 

Fried chicken and waffles


Images by Jessie Bell Styled by Sanri Pienaar

Mulberry & Prince

Contact: Mulberry & Prince at +27 021 422 3301 or

12 Pepper Street, Cape Town


Contact: Atelier Interior Design at 071 610 8810 or

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