Paravent by Olaf Hajek, presented in collaboration with WHATIFTHEWORLD, is the internationally renowned German painter’s third solo show in Cape Town. The show opened April 25 at Southern Guild in Cape Town and will run until July 12.

The acrylic paintings in this new body of work depicts still-lives, interiors, portraits and landscapes, whose theatricality is heightened by the recurring motif of a folding screen (“paravent” in French). The works on show were all painted by Olaf during a recent residency in Cape Town, which he calls his “second home and addiction”. Grouped in pairs, they tell different stories that reference myths, folklore and dreams.  The Big Globe, for example, is inspired by old taxidermy objects but here the birds have come to life as they try to escape the threat of a snake. In its partner painting, Departure, all the decorative elements come to life as they embark on an unknown journey. 

The Paravent by Olaf Hajek is open until July 2018, at Southern Guild at Cape Town’s Silo District.