‘The city is a living body that is born, develops and differentiates its buildings and functions: from the very first nucleus (an isolated church among the trees in the countryside) to the huge metropolis crowded with streets, pylons, factories and stations.’ This is the concept for Popville, a beautiful pop-up book by Corraini.

Popville tracks the progress and growth of a city, starting off with a single building and resulting in a large-scale urban jungle. Each page beautifully demonstrates the stages of urban sprawl and the living course of a city. Some urban and landscape elements remain constant references for the growth of the city, while others disappear and make place for new ones, eventually forming an intricate colour-coded map.

We’re particularly drawn to the simple geometric shapes and primary colours. We’ve mounted our copy to the wall – it makes for a striking colour display.

Visit corraini.com for more.