Presenting the First Edition of COMMON METHODS

Common Methods | Elle Decoration South Africa
Thread Light CM0107 – R7 225.00 | Thread Small Vase CM0108 – R6 000.00

cm-slider-symbolThe past two weeks saw the success of the first exhibition of its kind on the African continent – presenting 11 collaborative designs – all produced between Dutch and local South African designers and manufacturers over a period of just 6 weeks. This pioneering exhibition; The First Edition by Common Methods, took place from 15 to 24 August at 75 on Harrington in Cape Town and proudly presented the results of four designers: Lio De Bruin (NL), Phil Procter (NL), Natalie du Toit (ZA) and Mathew Nielson (ZA) who collaborated with each other and local manufacturers Woodheads, Design Afrika and Bronze Age making it the first successful design collaboration of its kind on the continent.

Each product presented at the exhibition is available for purchase via

Common Methods | Elle Decoration South Africa
Tote Bag R2 100.00
Common Methods | Elle Decoration South Africa
Dimple Bowl CM0109 – R6 400.00 | Rasp Trivet CM0110 – R4 120.00
Common Methods | Elle Decoration South Africa
Pencil Case CM0103 – R600.00 | Ingobozi Carpet CM0105 – R15 079.00 | Loom Carpet CM0104 – R9 192.00
Common Methods | Elle Decoration South Africa
Opening night at Common Methods. — with Charles Haupt, Mathew Neilson, Lio De Bruin, Agata Karolina Niemkiewicz and Phil Procter.

Common Methods is an on-going venture with a collaborative design and culture experience.

We want to establish growing relationships between designers, locals, craftsmen, manufacturers and the public.

“We want to bring designers to uncommon territories, to stimulate new developments through collaboration that promotes knowledge exchange and personal development. The progress will be visible in a collection of products, created in a collaboration between the Dutch and South African designers, and the local manufacturers in its First Edition.”

Common Methods was initiated to contribute towards the development of these networks, through direct contact and real time collaboration, promoting the deepening of knowledge, and to activate cross cultural interaction. Common Methods aims to document these experiences and brings them to attention and teaches others. We are intending to elaborate on a long-term perspective with the project so that future collaborations can evolve. We see the format as a starting point that can be applied to future editions. | | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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