[FEATURED] Already an international sensation, reality TV show Project Runway is coming to South Africa

Those who have dreams of being South Africa’s next hot fashion designer, with the sewing skills to match, are in luck.

Twelve designers will be vying for their big break when Project Runway comes to the country next year.

The show is brought to you by Ndalo Media Pictures in association with 4th STREET Wines, which believes the streets have become everyone’s runway.

Summer time fun

The upcoming December break means it’s time to dress up, chill with friends, entertain, and find ways to cool down from the heat, so why not try these refreshing poptails made with 4th STREET wine?

4th STREET white wine poptails


¼ cup of water
¼ cup of sugar
2 cups of 4th STREET natural sweet white wine
Sliced fruit (use a range of colours – kiwis, strawberries, mango and blueberries)


Boil sugar in water until it dissolves.
Add white wine and fruit. Stir.
Place in popsicle moulds and add sticks.
Freeze for 4 hours.

Visit: 4thstreet.co.za 

Alcohol is not for sale to persons under the age of 18. Drink responsibly.