Deger Cengiz, who calls himself “DC” for short, is co-owner of a new furniture store, Voos, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Trained as an architect, DC is also a designer of quirky conceptual pieces that fall somewhere between furniture and art.


The chaise-lawn is an amended wheelbarrow planted with sod grass.


The table above was created when DC sprayed the tablecloth with epoxy and reinforced it with Kevlar. selfishdevoted-siluet2“Selfish & Devoted” is a combined watering can and plant pot, above made from galvanized sheet metal, so named because it creates a selfish and devoted relationship between the two, explains DC.


“The nature of the interconnection causes the plant to grow at an angle,” says the designer.


This breakfast tray looks like it belongs in a Dr. Seuss story book.


The VersaRoom, shown here at Voos, is a modular system for easily creating private rooms within larger shared spaces. The entire system can be assembled and taken apart in a couple of hours with basic tools. The wall panels, shelves, lights and planter boxes are interchangeable and the size of the room can be adjusted as well.


You can see more of DC’s designs on Voos’ website. And check out their full range of designers here as well.