New York City seems to undergo a cultural reawakening in the fall. A number of major new exhibitions have opened and some older ones are just coming down. I caught “Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling” at the MoMA last Sunday just before it closed.

I have to admit that we skipped the historical part of the exhibit and went straight to the five prefab houses built in the vacant lot alongside the museum. Here you can see the Burst*008 House (at the back), the SYSTEM3 House (middle) and the Micro Compact Home (foreground).

Looking up through the skylight of the BURST*008 House by architects Jeremy Edmiston and Douglas Gauthier.

Underneath the BURST*008 House.

Supercompact kitchen inside the SYSTEM3 House.

The one-room Instant House was digitally fabricated and lasercut by a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a solution to the need for rebuilding in New Orleans.

Over at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, “Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton” has just opened. I am dying to see this show, a survey of Peyton’s intimate portraits over the past 15 years.

Peyton is known for painting well-known musicians and artists in luminous jewel tones.

The New Museum has a wonderful subsection of the website devoted to this exhibit, with an interesting interview with the artist.

And a master of a completely different style and subject matter, Giorgio Morandi, is being featured at the Metropolitan Museum right now.

This is the first comprehensive survey of these calm, contemplative works by “one of the greatest 20th-century masters of still-life and landscape painting in the tradition of Chardin and Cézanne,” says the Met’s website.

Also on my must-see list are two major exhibits that are drawing huge crowds: “Van Gogh and the Colours of the Night” at the MoMA, where I will be jostling my way through the crowds to stand aghast before his fabled starry night, and Zaha Hadid’s Chanel Contemporary Art Container installed in Central Park, a futuristic pavilion housing an exhibition of art inspired by Chanel’s emblematic quilted bag.

With the weather getting chillier and more blustery as we inch our way into winter, it’s just as well there’s all this fantastic art to keep me indoors.