Roberto Cavalli’s Home: Get the Look

Roberto Cavalli GTL | Elle Decoration South Africa
1. Jaguar R4 300, Spilhaus 2. Silver-plated jagged bowl R1 309, LIM 3. Zipped pouch R450, Baroque 4. Vase glass R495, Loft Living 5. Scatter cushions R495 each, Loft Living 6. Bronze head R2 300, OnSite Gallery 8. Tesserae Collection: Leopard Black R501pm, Hertex 7. Gold and purple plate R1 739, Spilhaus 9. Gold and black plate R969, Spilhaus 10. High risk-Bordeaux R1 687, Hertex 11. Horns R540 each, LIM 12. Horns R265 each, LIM 13. Pendant light R2 525, LIM

In the hills above Florence, designer Roberto Cavalli has created a characterful home from a 15th-century tower. In the latest Fashion Issue, we take you inside his palatial home, and show you how to Get the Look using locally available decor.

Roberto Cavalli GTL | Elle Decoration South Africa
1. Jagged cups R369 each, LIM 2. Bronze horse man R2 300, LIM 3. Diffuser from R500, Isabellina 4. Vase glass art R450, Loft Living 5. Venezia Glass R1 979, Spilhaus 6. My Earth universal ball R2 689, Spilhaus 7. Dahl gold placemat R149.95, Entrepo 8. French chair R6 500, Frenchtique 9. White bust R4 500, OnSite Gallery

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