Our regular guest, Neville Trickett has been somewhat scarce lately, as he’s been mad busy with the relaunch of Saint Verde on his farm, as well as working on a brand new blogging concept (read all about that here). It’s great to have you here today, Neville!

Seydou Keita, who produced these amazing portraits in Mali back in the 1940’s and 50’s, is right up there on my list of favorites. All of his subjects seem so noble. Being the pattern junkie that I am, it seemed that the illustrations by French designer and author, E.A. Seguy were the perfect partners for his photographs.001curated002curated003curated004curated005curated006curated007curated009curated


  1. I saw Seydou’s work in the Tate Modern last year and was blown away. His portraits are so beautiful and yes, his subjects are so proud and regal. Apparently he started out at an old library (or jail, I forget) and he became so popular that people would queue up around the block to get their portraits taken. Most people would bring their valuables and wear their finest attire. Any possessions were brought to show the family or persons wealth. Sometimes the poorer subjects would borrow Seydou’s ‘props’ so you can see the same items (like his car etc) in many of his portraits. Quite an amazing talent from Africa! Thanks.