Don’t know your mocha from your macchiato? Are you ordering a flat white or cappuccino? Deciding on a hot drink of choice at the new, local hipster coffee shop has become more intimidating than necessary. The options change faster than the names, so we are here to take a step back and simply go through what makes up each of these delicious hot drinks.


A shot of espresso topped with a soft layer of foamy steamed milk. It’s more foam than milk.

Flat White

An espresso with steamed milk. A flat white is like the cappuccino’s sister, as they are basically the same drink, but the cappuccino has foam and the flat white does not.



The word macchiato means “marked” in Italian. The drink is an espresso topped with a mark of foamy milk. It’s served in an espresso glass.


An espresso mixed with steamed milk and some sort of chocolate, syrup, or flavoring.


A shot of espresso that is served with at least one cup (or more) of steamed milk. A latte is similar to a café au lait, but it has twice as much (or more) milk.

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy coffee, and that’s pretty close

images: Bloglovin’ / Manmakecoffee


Since Europeans see Americans as drinkers of diluted coffee, an Americano is a shot of espresso that is diluted with hot water.

Red Cappuccino

South African’s love their Rooibos tea. A Rooibos or red cappuccino is a caffein-free espresso alternative to your usual caffeinated coffee. Low in tannins, high in antioxidants and a little bit sweet, this local gem is becoming a very popular order.

Images: Stocksy United / dearblackbirdboutique

Coffee In A Cone

If drinking coffee out of a cup is not your thing, maybe The Grand Coffee Company  in Johannesburg is where you should head on over for your next coffee date. This very trendy Melrose Arch based spot has claimed the hashtage #coffeeinacone, and even has a baby chino cone too. The combination of a chocolate lining, coffee and ice-cream is pretty much all we’ve ever wanted in a coffee sweet treat.

Images courtesy of The Grind Coffee Company’s Instagram

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