Stylish easter eggs - Ukranian Pysanky

With Easter celebrations in full swing this weekend, DECO will be feasting on chocolate treats for four days straight. But to inspire our deco taste-buds, we started hunting out the most stylish eggs we could find for a fat-free visual feast.

If you’re looking for a creative project this weekend or an Easter activity to keep the kids busy, there’s nothing simpler than hard boiling up some eggs and painting them with colourful designs. The brave amongst you might even try removing the insides with a pin hole and painting the delicate shells, or even crafting your own with papier-mâché.

We’d love to see every one of these exquisite eggs in our home this Easter – wouldn’t you? Which is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below or send us your Easter wishes on Twitter @ELLE_Deco.


1. Austrian artisan Peter Priess

Peter Priess - Austrian artisan Easter eggs

Peter Priess - Austrian artisan cut flower Easter eggs

Austrian artist Peter Priess creates a whole range of beautiful ornamental eggs sold across Europe, particularly popular in Germany and Austria. From tiny miniature paintings to delicate decoupage, he masterfully creates these gorgeous gifts that are anything but ordinary.


2. Hand-painted ostrich eggs

Easter eggs - hand painted Ostrich shells in Hout Bay, Dulker Island -

The tradition of ornamental ostrich eggs dates back to the ancient San tribe who, for thousands of years, used these sturdy shells as travelling water containers. Now renowned all along the Garden Route as luxury tourist gifts for South African visitors, hand-painted Ostrich egg shells make delicate, stunning ornaments. These were found in the craft markets of Dulker Island, Hout Bay by


3. Ukranian pysanka

The Ukranian traditiona of brightly-coloured Pysanky eggs (c) Luba Petrusha

A Ukranian pysanka is an Easter egg decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs using batik to create stunningly intricate patterns. The word pysanka comes from the verb pysaty (“to write”) as the designs are actually written on with beeswax. Katya Trischuk and Luba Petrusha are both Ukrainian artists who specialise in these fabulous creations – see more of Luba’s photographic work here and browse Katya’s online Etsy store here.


4. Volker Kraft’s Saalfelder Ostereierbaum

Volker Kraft Easter Eggs - colourful tree decoration to brighten up your garden - Saalfelder Ostereierbaum

Since 1965, Volker Kraft and his family have been decorating his apple tree with colourful Easter eggs as the German tradition dictates. But what started as a family tradition with just 18 plastic eggs, is now a world-renowned tourist attraction – Saalfelder Ostereierbaum in Germany’s Saalfeld, Thuringia – that in 2012 saw 10,000 eggs hung from the tree. Plenty to go around!


5. Glow-in-the-dark craft eggs

Glow in the dark eggs - a DIY craft project from

These stunning glow-in-the-dark eggs are the result of a simple DIY craft project that you can easily replicate at home with some water, vinegar and glow-in-the-dark neon paint, masterminded by crafty family blogger, growingajeweledrose. Find out just how she did it, here.


6. Miniature cityscapes

Easter eggs - cities painted on shells, from

Even the smallest of eggs make the ideal canvas for intricate design. These adorable cityscape creations that we found on Pinterest are the perfect inspiration to create your own mini-masterpieces at home. What would you paint on yours?


Picture credits: akseasons | Travelingsolemates | Luba Petrusha | Q92rocks | growingajeweledrose | crazy-frankenstein