In what is a groundbreaking campaign for SA retail, recently travelled to Dakar, Senegal to shoot their bold, new winter campaign under the guidance of Style Director, Tammy Tinker.


Inspired by the work of Wes Anderson and the nostalgia of train travel, the campaign was shot against the backdrop of the historic Dakar Railway Station and train carriages, with the Senegalese models at the forefront of the story. Tammy was joined by Superbalist’s Apartment Contributor & Consultant Charl Edwards, SA  photographer Rudi Geyser who captured the campaign on film, and Pete Verster-Cohen who was there to document the shoot. Bevan Davis completed the narrative on site by photographing Wes Anderson inspired flat lays that were conceptualised by Charl and Art Directors Bennett Atkinson and Sabrina Scott.



The campaign is a celebration of a generation of documenters, creators and trailblazers, and talks to our group mentality of wanting to empower each other. It also serves as a reflection of the youth of South Africa and their passion for exploration and the joy they take in discovering everything that our world, and continent, has to offer. Modern styling blended with cues from the 60s and 70s set the tone for images that are intriguing, unexpected and unique.


“We’re always on the hunt for standout locations around the continent,” says Tammy,“and after months of searching, we stumbled across the train station and fell in love. Not knowing if it was just a beautiful photo or an actual place, we consulted 10-4, a production studio with an office in Cape Town. The team at 10-4 had previously scouted the location and helped us immensely, as did Senegalese musician and producer, Sy.”


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Superbalist is a fashion-focused, multi-channel eCommerce platform that brings the world’s best brands into the homes of its SA customers, and is the first of its kind in Africa. From award-winning content created for its blog, The Way of Us, to its newlylaunched mobile app, Superbalist continues to lead the way when it comes to authentic engagement and tapping into youth – connecting with a customer who’s always evolving and forever on the go.

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